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      At Benton’s Discount Tires we highly recommend using Walmart Auto Care Center for your tire installation service. Walmart offers Tire Installation along with a Life-Time Rotation and Balancing service at a low cost. Their service includes mounting and balancing, new valve stem and tire disposal. This service is good at all 89 Walmart Auto Care Center in the state of Georgia. Benton’s Discount Tires will delivery tires to Walmart upon customer request and customers must be present at the time of delivery. 

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      Please Note: Walmart Tire Service Center do not install tires on aftermarket custom wheels.

      Please Note: Due to Walmart Auto Care Service Center Safety Policy all tires that are mounted on any vehicle must have the same size tire that the manufacturer installed on that vehicle during assembly. For an example if your vehicle was assembled with a P245/50R17 and you elected to change the size to a 255/55R17, Walmart Tire and Service Center will not install that tire on your car. You can find the proper size tire for your car on the driver side door panel or in the owner’s manual. Below is a picture of a typical tire information label that you would find on the driver side door panel.

      Please Note: Benton’s Discount Tires is not in anyway affiliated with Walmart Superstore nor Walmart Auto Care Service Center. We only recommend their service.


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