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Benton’s Discount Tires is a Sales and Delivery Service. All orders are paid using PayPal online money transferring service using a credit or debit card. All tires are sold at wholesale price with a delivery fee along with transaction fees that will be added to the total purchase amount. All tire purchase will be delivered in the same day if ordered before 12 noon (EST) or the next day depending on the time in which you ordered. No weekend deliveries or on major holidays.

All Same-Day Delivery prices are only good for customers that are within are main delivery area. For delivery outside of our delivery area will have an additional charge or will be shipped by UPS or FedEx Ground Service at their rates. 

Please Note: We do not stock any tires at our location and because we do not have a accurate inventory from our local distributors, below are the steps on how to make a tire purchase(s) using our Tire Check Availability Process.

Steps to Ordering:

1. Choose a tire size, quantity of tires and then click Add To Cart.

2. Verify your tire request and then select your State and Zipcode choose you desired shipping carrier and then click Update to get a total price. Then click the Proceed To Checkout button.

3. On the Checkout Page Complete the information form and then click the Check Availability Button in the bottom right hand corner.

4. A Tire Check Availability Response Email will be sent back to you stating the availability of the tire that you are interesting in purchasing with the total price which includes transaction fees and shipping cost a long with a PayPal Buy Now Invoice attached that will give you the option to make a purchase.

5. Then if you would like to proceed with making a purchase simply click the PayPal Payment Button on the invoice and complete the payment form to the right using your credit / debit card. Please Note: No PayPal Account is required, just choose pay with debit or credit card. Or it may say “Don’t have a PayPal account Pay As A Guest”

6. Once a payment has been made an email will be sent to you verified that we have received your payment and that your tires are ready for shipping.


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