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When you’re shopping for tires and you might come across some terms you don’t recognize. Whether it’s a new technology or an unfamiliar tire term, Benton’s Discount Tires is here to help.

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Tire Disposal/Recycling Fee:
Most states charge a mandatory fee through a retailer for disposing of or recycling a tire. The price can range from $1.00 or more.

Tire Size:
A collection of numbers and letters that tells you the tire width, sidewall height (aspect ratio) and wheel diameter, among other information. For example, the tire size 225/45R17 tells you that the tire has a width of 225 millimeters, an aspect ratio of 45%, and a wheel diameter of 17 inches. Tire size can be found on the sidewall of a tire.

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System):
The tire pressure monitoring system warns you when a tire is low on tire pressure. A yellow horseshoe symbol with an exclamation point will appear on the dashboard of the car.

Tread Depth:
The measured distance from the bottome of a tire’s tread grooves to the tread surface. A 4/32 or deeper tread is good and anything less than 3/32″ means the tires need to be replaced soon.

Tread Life Warranty:
A tread-life warranty is not a money-back guarantee, its only a partial credit that is received when a tire doesn't meet the lifespan of the tire. Example if you purchase a 65,000 mile tire and you only get 45,000 miles out of the tire you will received a partial credit towards a new tire. Note that all tire maintenance documentation will be need in order to receive credit.

Tread Life:
The expected life span of a tire before it needs to be replaced. The Penny Test can be used to determine the status of the tread life.

Tread Wear Indicator/Tread Wear Bar:
An indicator bar that is molded into a tire. The bar is located at the bottom of the tread grooves in a tire. When the bar becomes visible, this is an indication that the tire needs to be replaced.

The rubber part of a tire that makes contact with the road. Tire tread can often become worn and need to be retreaded over time.

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