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When you’re shopping for tires and you might come across some terms you don’t recognize. Whether it’s a new technology or an unfamiliar tire term, Benton’s Discount Tires is here to help.

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The portion of the tread between the edge of the tread and the sidewall. It acts as more support and protection.

Located between the tread surface and the bead. A sidewall provides stability and prevents air from escaping a tire.

The act of cutting thin slits across the rubber surface of a tire to achieve better traction in wet or icy conditions.

Speeding Rating:
The speed the tire can maintain safely. A higher speed rating indicates the car can handle better at high speeds. The speed rating is often located on the sidewall of a tire.

The ability of a tire to respond to steering inputs and to external forces.

Staggering/Staggered Fitment:
A term used when the rear wheels are bigger or wider than the front wheels. Staggered fitment can only be done to a rear wheel drive car.

Steel Belted Radial:
A radial tire made with steel belts (rather than fabric belts).

Strong pieces of metal planted within a tire tread to provide more traction in ice or snow.

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