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When you’re shopping for tires and you might come across some terms you don’t recognize. Whether it’s a new technology or an unfamiliar tire term, Benton’s Discount Tires is here to help.

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Load Carrying Capacity:
The maximum weight that a tire can handle under normal conditions. SL stands for “Standard Load.” The words “Standard Load” will be stamped somewhere on the sidewall of the tire. XL means “Extra Load.” Tires with an XL designation can carry more weight than tires without the designation. The XL designation is listed at the end of the tire size (for example, 225/40ZR18 98W XL.

Load Index:
The tire size’s corresponding numerical value used to compare load carrying capacities. The higher the tire’s load index number is, the greater its load carrying capacity will be. Example: 92W max load is 1389 lbs. per tire and a 109Q max load 2271 lbs. per tire.

Low Profile Tire:
Tires that have a short sidewall and a wide tread, which improves the car’s handling and performance. Low profile tires have a much sleeker look.

Lug Nuts:
A lug nut or wheel nut is a fastener used to secure a wheel on a vehicle.

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