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Consumer Tires

All-weather, performance, all-terrain, mud-terrain and luxury tires, you will find them at We have a large selection of tires, featuring the best brand, and sizes that are guarantee to fit your car, light truck or SUV. Whatever tire you need we ensure that our website will find the best tires that will match your specific vehicle and driving needs.

What Type Of Tire Do You Need?

What you drive, where you drive, and how you drive are all important factors in selecting the right tire for your car or truck. Tires come in a variety of types, and choosing the right tire is crucial for your driving safety and comfort. Our website database will provide you with the best tires that fit your vehicle, then will direct you to a local tire installer in your area to install them with extreme precision.

Passenger Tires

The two major categories of passenger tires are Standard and Touring. Standard tires are ideal for most 4-door sedans, midsize or compact vehicles. They have larger sidewalls and a narrower footprint. Touring tires, however, are usually found on more premium vehicles that are equipped with a manufacturer’s touring suspension package. Generally, touring tires have a shorter sidewall and a larger footprint, which provides more responsive handling.

Performance Tires

Performance tires are a higher level of passenger tires. Tires in this group are usually placed in two categories: High Performance or Ultra High Performance, depending on their performance/speed rating. In both cases, the speed rating ensures the tire is matched to the performance standards of the vehicle. Performance tires are becoming original equipment on an ever-increasing number of new vehicles.

Light Truck Tires

The Light Truck group is made up of the Sport Utility Vehicles and Commercial Light Truck categories. The distinction between these two categories is primarily related to the specific vehicle and its use. Most SUV tires provide a smoother and quieter ride while giving reasonable load-carrying capacity. Tires for commercial use or work are capable of carrying a heavier load and are given a rating of C, D or E. These ratings indicate both the strength and load-carrying capacity of that tire, with C being the lowest and E being the highest.


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