Federal Couragia 305/50R20 120V XL


Style: All Season LT & SUV High Performance

Load Index & Speed Rating: 120V XL

UTQG: 420 A/A

Load Range & Ply: Standard

Tread Depth: 10/32nd

Sidewall: Black

Tread Warranty: N/A

Three year road hazard warranty.

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Tire Description


Federal Couragia S/U All Season Light Truck & SUV High Performance

The Federal Couragia S/U is a high performance “H”and “V” rated SUV tire for on-road performance and the delivers a comfortable ride for everyday driving. All season performance. The low profile Couragia delivers on street style combined with a wild, aggressive attitude. The utmost statement of style. Stylish tread pattern and design delivers ultimate traction, high performance grip, uniform wear rate, and all weather handling. Wide V-shaped grooves increase water dispersion capabilities and prevent aquaplaning. Designed predominantly for on-road use, the Couragia delivers high-speed comfort, low noise levels and quick steering response for your favorite SUV and/or pick-up.

Features & Benefits:

  1. Wet side pattern with multi grooves: Enable rapid water evacuation for improved wet handling and traction.
  2. Dry side pattern: Designed with larger blocks and double grooves to allow superior grip on dry surfaces.
  3. Balance center rib: Provides better handling stability on wet and dry conditions.
  4. Noise reducing design:Variable pitch patterns with 2-in-1 alignment reduce noise levels at high speeds.


Tire Specification

Weight 47 lbs
Dimensions 33.0 x 13.0 x 33.0 in
Rim Width

8.5" – 11.0"

Load/Speed Rating

120V XL

Tread Depth


Load Capacity (Lbs)

3086 lbs.

Maximum Inflation (PSI)

49 psi


420 A/A

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