Commerical Tires

Benton’s Discount Tires success is based on giving our customers the most for their money. Some think that the name on the tire is more important than the tire itself, but Benton’s Discount Tires is committed to change those views … Read More

Tire Installation

  At Benton’s Discount Tires we highly recommend using Wal-Mart Tire and Service Center for your tire installation service. Wal-Mart offers a Life-Time Rotation and Balancing service for a low price of $72 for all four tires. Their service includes … Read More

Road Hazard Warranty

We all do a lot of driving. There are potholes everywhere, debris on the roads and plenty of obstacles to avoid. Properly maintained tires can generally handle the bumps and scrapes but inevitably one unforeseen road hazard can leave you … Read More

Tire Information

Typical Passenger Tire: Your tire has very useful information molded on the sidewall. It shows the name of the, its size, whether it’s tubeless or tube type, the maximum load and maximum inflation. It also has important safety warning and … Read More

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Attention Customers,      Benton’s Discount Tires is a Georgia based online sales and delivery service. Every tire that we sell is sold at wholesale price and is delivered to our customers. Please Note: No Customer Pickup, All Tires Will Be … Read More

How To Order

                                  Benton’s Discount Tires is a Sales and Delivery Service. All orders are paid using PayPal online money transferring service using a credit or debit card. All tires are sold at wholesale price with a delivery fee along a 7% … Read More

About us

       Benton’s Discount Tires is a Georgia based tire sales and delivery service that was establish in 2000. In 2012 we launched our online sales and delivery service. At Benton’s Discount Tires we are committed to selling quality name brand … Read More


   The Tire Manufacturer’s Materials and Workmanship Warranty cover conditions that require a tire to be removed from service that are within the tire manufacturer control of raw materials or quality of workmanship. Benton’s Discount Tires will replace tires within … Read More

Delivery Area

     Benton’s Discount Tires goal is to deliver quality tires for less. If an order is placed before 12 noon same day delivery is available at no extra cost. To maintain low prices we have a selective area that we … Read More