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The Tire Manufacturer’s Materials and Workmanship Warranty cover conditions that require a tire to be removed from service that are within the tire manufacturer control of raw materials or quality of workmanship. Benton’s Discount Tires will replace tires within the first three months of service that are damage due to a manufacturers defect. Tires will be exchanged with a prorated fee of the remaining tread depth.

All standard passenger tires come with a Three Month Manufacturer Limited (Prorated) Replacement Warranty. Warranty covers any defects due to workmanship and materials, which are tire tread separation, defective tire tread, sidewall bulges, not holding air at the time of mounting and dry rotten tires. The manufacturer warranty does not cover tire punctures, cuts, snags, improper use due to overloading, failure to maintain proper air pressure.

Tires that aren’t covered under the three month manufacturers defect replacement warranty.

1. Towing and Trailer Tires

2. Construction Tires

3. Farm, Agriculture and Off-Road Tires

4. Competition and Low Profile Tires

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